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What We Learned at DIA: Real-World Applications to Improving Healthcare

During DIA’s Annual Meeting, June 18-22, in Chicago, the UBC team met hundreds of like-minded professionals, across dozens of disciplines, all focused on the goal of gaining and sharing knowledge to improve healthcare. We know that when we improve the quality of our work, we in turn improve patient access to life-changing and life-saving therapies.


A Panoramic View of Market Authorisation in the EU

This year Partnerships in Clinical Trials Europe is bringing together clinical development outsourcing professionals to discuss “The era of change: A panoramic vision of reform, challenge and innovation in clinical trials.” With services that span Clinical Development, Late Stage Research and Safety, UBC is uniquely positioned to add our voice to the conversation.


Sneak Peek: Nine Evolutions in Clinical Research & Patient Recruitment

Any good scientist should know that in order to keep up, you must constantly evolve your techniques. That’s especially true in the realm of clinical development, where balancing the challenges of patient-centric clinical trials with increasingly tighter budgets and shorter timelines is paramount to success.

UBC’s experts are here to help. In our free whitepaper, “Nine Evolutions in Clinical Research & Patient Recruitment: A 2016 Preview,” we share an in-depth look at the trends driving clinical trial participation.


Driving Innovation Together

The LAB is where experts from UBC join others from the entire family of Express Scripts Companies to solve for the most pressing pain points in healthcare today. We are working together on projects that span the entire pharma product life cycle. Contact us to request a visit to the LAB.



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