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Innovation in Clinical Services - UBC President Encourages 360º View

Sure, innovation is about products – where would we be without the wheel…or lightbulbs?  But innovation is also about changing the way we look at things, changing the way we do things to improve outcomes.  In the latest issue of PharmaVoice, UBC president, Patrick Lindsay, shares his insights on innovation that’s working…and innovation that’s needed… in the drug development process.  Read all about it here.


Partnering with an e-Prescriber to Accelerate Patient Recruitment and Increase Medication Adherence

The process of enrolling patients into clinical studies has been known to cause significant delays in reaching study goals.  With thousands of clinical studies going on at any given time, patients and physicians often are overwhelmed as they sift through information to find a study that is most relevant for them. 


UBC Patient Recruitment – Customized Outreach Helps Meet Study Goals

UBC is an industry leader in Patient & Physician Recruitment and Retention.  We’ve built our reputation on utilizing the most effective ways to engage patients and physicians in a timely, efficient manner in order to meet study goals.  Abbe Steel, who leads our Patient & Physician Services, will be presenting at two conferences this week and sharing insights on innovative, cost-efficient recruitment practices.


UBC Invites You to Join Us at SCOPE

Join us at the Cambridge Healthtech Institute's (CHI) Summit for Clinical Ops Executives (SCOPE) 2013.  UBC speakers will present perspectives and research on the latest recruitment and retention topics driving clinical development and postapproval studies and registries.

This is your chance to learn from the leader.  UBC's Patient & Physician Recruitment & Retention services are conducted by dedicated and experienced staff, using the latest technologies.

We look forward to seeing you!

UBC Presentations Include:

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