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Utilizing Clinical Trial Nursing Services to Improve Retention & Facilitate Data Collection in a Rare Disease Trial: A Case Study

UBC was contracted to provide clinical trial nursing services in a pivotal Phase III rare autoimmune disease trial. As this indication affects less than 2% of the population, ensuring that enrolled patients completed study requirements without loss-to-follow up was crucial. The study was designed to assess the efficacy and safety of the study drug compared with placebo in adults who had been receiving the study drug via a separate open label trial.


Is Your Trial Social?

Even the most reluctant among us are coming around to social media, with 2.31 billion users now active on social media globally. Still pharmaceutical and biotech companies have been slow to embrace social media for clinical trials. Why?


Clinical Trial Feasibility: 5 Critical Questions You Should be Asking

A detailed feasibility assessment is an important step towards conducting a successful clinical study. Asking the correct questions at the outset can inform the design and implementation, thus avoiding major downstream operational problems. In our latest blog post, a UBC expert reviews five critical questions that can help outline the roadmap for successful clinical development.


The Power of One: How One Nurse Retained a Patient in a Critical Clinical Trial

The success of a clinical trial depends on recruiting study participants and maintaining participation for the entire duration of the study. Patient retention can be a very difficult challenge to overcome when the average drop-out rate for a clinical trial is 20-30%. Losing even one patient can be detrimental when patient populations are small. Learn how one nurse went above and beyond to keep a patient enrolled in a UBC supported clinical trial.

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