What We Learned at DIA: Real-World Applications to Improving Healthcare

During DIA’s Annual Meeting, June 18-22, in Chicago, the UBC team met hundreds of like-minded professionals, across dozens of disciplines, all focused on the goal of gaining and sharing knowledge to improve healthcare. We know that when we improve the quality of our work, we in turn improve patient access to life-changing and life-saving therapies.


Expanded Express Scripts Lab Fuels Informed Decisions

In 2010, Express Scripts opened the industry’s first-of-its-kind research and testing facility. Earlier this year, the Lab expanded in size and capabilities, bringing together more than 100 Health Decision ScienceSM experts. The Express Scripts Lab is now open for tours and we’re inviting our manufacturer clients to join us for an up-close look at Health Decision Science in action.


Optimizing the Value of Observational Studies

Unlike controlled studies, observational studies have the potential to collect data on thousands – even millions – of patients.  Increasingly, manufacturers are asked for information and data that only these kinds of studies can provide.   

Observational studies can be used to help manufacturers and their stakeholders understand the clinical, patient-centered, and economic burden of disease, as well as the value of different treatments in reducing that burden. 

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