Distribution Channels

Specialty Pharmacy Tools for the Managed Care Account Manager

Pinsonault’s Managed Care Account Management Training conference provides a great opportunity for new account managers to take a deep dive into the industry. They have the chance to learn from their customers and get insight from experienced consultants. I appreciated the opportunity to share some things I’ve learned through my work in the industry during my presentation: Critical Essentials Necessary for Success in Specialty Pharmacy. It’s a meaty topic with a lot of takeaways, including these important points:


For Brand Teams, Timing Really IS Everything

One of the best things you can do to create a successful product launch is also one of the simplest.  You see, while it’s easy for product teams to stay focused on the product itself, it’s sometimes a challenge to line up the services, including distribution channels, that will surround your product and make it accessible to patients and prescribers once the product is launched.  By waiting too long to make decisions about these services, product teams may miss an opportunity for the BEST launch possible.

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