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Expanded Access Programs Require Top-Notch Teamwork

UBC has managed expanded access programs (EAPs), also known as compassionate use programs, to treat many conditions, including cancer, HIV, Alzheimer’s disease, psychosis and cystic fibrosis. We’ve gained critical insights into what processes work best for enrolling patients and capturing data quickly and efficiently.  We’ve learned that teams supporting these programs should excel at three core competencies: speed, flexibility and collaboration.


Build Customer Relationships via Expanded Access Programs: A Free Report

Development of specialty therapies is on the rise, especially for rare diseases, fueling an increase in patient awareness and advocacy. More often manufacturers are being asked to implement Expanded Access Programs (EAPs) while products conclude clinical trials. These programs set the tone for the relationship between the brand and the patient, making it critical to design the EAP with a variety of factors in mind. Download our free report that outlines key insights that every manufacturer should know about EAPs

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