Reducing the Burden of Disease

During ISPOR’s 15th Annual European Congress, held in Berlin, Germany, November 3-7, 2012, UBC will have a strong presence and an influential voice.  ISPOR, the International Society for Pharmacoeconomics and Outcomes Research, works to increase the efficiency, effectiveness, and fairness of healthcare to improve health.   


Talking to Prescribers About What's Happening Today

Throughout the country today, as more and more people learn of Express Scripts' merger with Medco, something important will happen.  Patients will visit their doctors and receive their prescriptions.  That's important because it happens every day!  Today, however, the doctors you work with may have questions about the merger and how it may affect their patients and their practice.


An All-Star Alliance Starts Today!

Beginning today, Express Scripts and Medco move forward together as one company, including CuraScript, Accredo, HealthBridge Pharma & Biotech, and United BioSource Corporation.  The combination of our experience, years of service in the healthcare industry, and knowledge of your products and patients creates an unparalleled commitment to you and the future of healthcare.

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