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PAP and Healthcare Reform: What Changed… and What Didn’t

Ahead of the staggering changes brought about by the Affordable Care Act (ACA), many predicted that the need for manufacturer-funded Patient Assistance Programs would decline as patients received coverage from new government sources. Now that we are well into the ACA’s implementation, it’s clear how healthcare reform is impacting PAPs. Our latest blog post examines what changed and what hasn’t.


The Challenge of Providing Patient Assistance Under the ACA

There’s a lot of ambiguity around how the government is going to view the private and public exchanges. An OIG opinion providing guidance on whether these plans will be viewed as public versus private plans could have far-reaching implications for how manufacturers provide patient assistance. If we look at some of the OIG guidance offered around Medicare Part D plans and the potential for anti-kickback penalties when offering direct assistance to these beneficiaries, we can start to hypothesize about some of the challenges pharmaceutical manufacturers will face.


Managed Markets Summit to Feature UBC, Express Scripts and Accredo Experts

The annual Managed Markets Summit is a great opportunity to learn the pharma industry’s ever-changing landscape from its leaders. This year is even more critical in light of the implementation of the Affordable Care Act. The new law is rapidly changing many aspects of healthcare, from reimbursement strategies to emphasizing data-driven care.

Experts from UBC and Express Scripts are joining more than 60 other faculty members at this year’s conference to discuss the impacts of the ACA along with other key trends in the marketplace.


Adapting to a New Direction: When Healthcare Reform Meets Patient Assistance Programs

The unknown impact of Healthcare Reform is a hot topic for most manufacturers today.  As we all scramble to prepare for multiple scenarios in uncharted territory, expert guidance is no longer considered a luxury.  To flourish, much less survive, manufacturers need to dance on the balls of their feet and align with the most trusted advisors.


Healthcare Reform Strategy: Are You Asking the Right Questions?

If changes to the healthcare landscape have you puzzled, you’re not alone.  In an environment where there seem to be more questions than answers, our Healthcare Reform experts analyzed new healthcare regulations from a manufacturer perspective and narrowed the plethora of information down to the basics.  As your organization plans for the future, our challenge to you is to answer three basic questions:

  • What is the potential impact to my market access programs (PAP, copay assistance, alternate funding)?

Reducing the Burden of Disease

During ISPOR’s 15th Annual European Congress, held in Berlin, Germany, November 3-7, 2012, UBC will have a strong presence and an influential voice.  ISPOR, the International Society for Pharmacoeconomics and Outcomes Research, works to increase the efficiency, effectiveness, and fairness of healthcare to improve health.   

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