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Celebrate Nurses who Bring Clinical Trials to Patients

Clinical trial nurses help increase patient enrollment and retention rates by bringing the clinical trial to the patient. The convenience and care they provide through in-home clinical visits benefit most patients, including pediatric patients, those who are too sick to travel, or those requiring a more flexible schedule. Studies utilizing clinical trial nurses are more accessible, more convenient, and therefore much more patient centric.


Leading the Way with Patient-centric Nursing Services

Each year, National Nurses Week is sponsored by the American Nurses Association to support nursing professionals across the country. Today marks the beginning of Nurses Week and this year, the theme is “Nurses: Leading the Way” in recognition of the leadership that nurses provide in physician offices, hospitals, clinics, in-home settings and beyond.

UBC is familiar with what it takes to be a leader in the nursing space, offering a variety of access options to patients, including Clinical Support Centers, Site of Care nurses, and injection clinics.


On Point with Point-of-Care Solutions for Clinical Trials

The third annual Summit for Clinical Operations Executives (SCOPE) kicked off in Miami, Florida, this week, and UBC came asking the tough questions and proposing innovative strategies. Abbe Steel, VP of Patient and Physician Services, gave her Top 10 Cost-Cutting Innovations for Clinical Trials, while Nancy Mulligan, Director of Operations, taught us all a few things about how to work with inexperi

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