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Today’s Nurses Take Studies to Patients

While in nursing school, I knew I’d be helping others throughout my career, but I never imagined my work could potentially impact and improve the quality of life for so many patients.

I am part of a team that manages home health nurse ─ also called field nurse ─ visits for clinical studies. While the majority of studies still require patients to travel to study sites for lab draws and therapy administration, many pharmaceutical sponsors are recognizing the benefits of engaging home health nurses.


Integrated Nursing Services Provide 360° Patient Support

From the moment a patient is prescribed a new therapy, a positive start and continuity of care are crucial. Providing patients with nursing support through their entire journey can ease the stress of beginning a life-changing therapy and offer educational opportunities that ultimately empower patients and increase adherence. One of our integrated nursing programs recently earned this comment from the client: "UBC has great staff, great leaders, and provides a model for other vendors. They demonstrated a level of reporting performance that is above and beyond the expectations and abilities of other vendors."


The Power of One: How One Nurse Retained a Patient in a Critical Clinical Trial

The success of a clinical trial depends on recruiting study participants and maintaining participation for the entire duration of the study. Patient retention can be a very difficult challenge to overcome when the average drop-out rate for a clinical trial is 20-30%. Losing even one patient can be detrimental when patient populations are small. Learn how one nurse went above and beyond to keep a patient enrolled in a UBC supported clinical trial.


Investigating Clinical Trial Cost-Cutting Innovations

The challenges associated with conducting and managing today’s larger, multinational clinical trials have never been greater. There has been a dramatic increase in costs and trial complexity over the last several years resulting in significant delays caused by lengthy trial startup and clinician enrollment processes.

It was a privilege to talk about these challenges and offer some cost-cutting solutions at the Outsourcing in Clinical Trials – West Coast conference that occurred January 28 - 29 in San Francisco.

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