Leading the Way with Patient-centric Nursing Services

Each year, National Nurses Week is sponsored by the American Nurses Association to support nursing professionals across the country. Today marks the beginning of Nurses Week and this year, the theme is “Nurses: Leading the Way” in recognition of the leadership that nurses provide in physician offices, hospitals, clinics, in-home settings and beyond.

UBC is familiar with what it takes to be a leader in the nursing space, offering a variety of access options to patients, including Clinical Support Centers, Site of Care nurses, and injection clinics.


Patients Praise UBC Nurses

Whether in a hospital setting or over the phone, nurses play a very meaningful role in the health and well-being of the patients they support.

Our patients’ comments on a recent satisfaction survey were a good reminder that these general learnings are derived from the impact each nurse makes on an individual patient. Based on those responses, we’ve compiled a list of what patients believe make our nurses so valuable:



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