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ISPOR Abstracts Highlight the Value of Real-World Evidence

At the International Society for Pharmacoeconomics and Outcomes Research (ISPOR) 21st Annual International Meeting, conducted May 21-25, 2-16, in Washington, DC,  industry professionals convened to delve into the topic “Value, Affordability, and Patient Centeredness: Can We Have it All?” UBC’s Value Demonstration experts joined the conversation with five abstracts highlighting some of their recentresearch.


Technology in Registries and Observational Studies - What You Should be Considering (Part I)

Many sponsors utilize registries and observational studies when gathering real-world evidence in the post-marketing environment. When designing and implementing these effectively, the technological platforms supporting should not go unnoticed. There are a number of considerations that can help ensure success with your implementation. To help you navigate, we put together a two-part blog detailing what sponsors should keep in mind when designing platforms for their registries and observational studies.


Optimizing the Value of Observational Studies

Unlike controlled studies, observational studies have the potential to collect data on thousands – even millions – of patients.  Increasingly, manufacturers are asked for information and data that only these kinds of studies can provide.   

Observational studies can be used to help manufacturers and their stakeholders understand the clinical, patient-centered, and economic burden of disease, as well as the value of different treatments in reducing that burden. 



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