Managed Markets Summit to Feature UBC, Express Scripts and Accredo Experts

The annual Managed Markets Summit is a great opportunity to learn the pharma industry’s ever-changing landscape from its leaders. This year is even more critical in light of the implementation of the Affordable Care Act. The new law is rapidly changing many aspects of healthcare, from reimbursement strategies to emphasizing data-driven care.

Experts from UBC and Express Scripts are joining more than 60 other faculty members at this year’s conference to discuss the impacts of the ACA along with other key trends in the marketplace.


Changes - and Challenges - in the Oncology Therapy Market

An increasing number of cancer therapies are oral formulations, meaning many patients are picking up their prescription at a retail pharmacy or receiving them in the mail through home delivery.  Regardless of administration method, we’ve learned that cancer patients have a high rate of non-adherence.  In fact, the Express Scripts Drug Trend Report estimates that 40.9 percent of cancer patients are no


Impacting Adherence with Quality Care for Oncology Products and Patients

As the trend in specialty pharmaceuticals increases, so does the number of oncology therapies available to patients in hospitals, doctors’ offices, and in their own homes.   Specialty pharmacy service providers should have solid experience in effectively handling and distributing cancer drugs as well as providing the highest quality of care to cancer patients, regardless of where their medicine is administered.


Focus: Oncology

We know the drug development pipeline is dominated by new oral cancer medications and newer, targeted therapies that will require companion genetic tests.  That means that oncology drug manufacturers will increasingly rely on specialty pharmacies to provide services to ensure patient care and adherence. And, that’s where our experience and expertise put us in a class of our own. 



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