PAP: A Coordinated Journey

Well-organized Patient Assistance Programs (PAPs) facilitate coordinated product and patient journeys, including high-touch care, a smart financial strategy, and prompt medication access. Watch our latest video to learn what UBC is doing throughout every step of our PAPs to support manufacturers and patients alike.


PAP and Healthcare Reform: What Changed… and What Didn’t

Ahead of the staggering changes brought about by the Affordable Care Act (ACA), many predicted that the need for manufacturer-funded Patient Assistance Programs would decline as patients received coverage from new government sources. Now that we are well into the ACA’s implementation, it’s clear how healthcare reform is impacting PAPs. Our latest blog post examines what changed and what hasn’t.


Life at UBC: Losing a Little Sleep Is Worth It to Care for Patients

On behalf of pharmaceutical manufacturers, UBC provides Patient Assistance Programs to support patients in times of need. As a staff pharmacist, I am able to provide assistance to patients using medications for conditions such as narcolepsy, cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, and multiple sclerosis. Narcolepsy in particular requires frequent consultations because the complexity of the medication’s dosage makes accidental overdosing common.


Industry Leading PAP Keeps Focus on Patients

In 2013 alone, UBC’s Patient Assistance Programs served hundreds of specialty and traditional pharmaceutical products, dispensing millions of prescriptions, and helping hundreds of thousands of patients initiate and maintain access to critical therapies. Despite these incredible numbers, our frontline staff of Patient Care Advocates and pharmacists provides personalized care and attention to each patient. This video captures stories from some of our key team members and demonstrates our culture of patient and product advocacy.


Public Health Exchanges – What They Mean for Patient Assistance Programs

As a leading provider of Patient Assistance Programs (PAP), UBC is working closely with manufacturers and offering services to identify patients who may be eligible for coverage provided by the Affordable Care Act (ACA).  UBC services help patients who may qualify for expanded Medicaid, State Exchanges or who will need to remain on their current free drug program.



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