Partnerships in Clinical Trials

A Panoramic View of Market Authorisation in the EU

This year Partnerships in Clinical Trials Europe is bringing together clinical development outsourcing professionals to discuss “The era of change: A panoramic vision of reform, challenge and innovation in clinical trials.” With services that span Clinical Development, Late Stage Research and Safety, UBC is uniquely positioned to add our voice to the conversation.


Partner with Innovation at PCT EU

As technology takes an even greater hold of healthcare, big data and its uses within all facets of improving patient care is instigating an evolution. Manufacturers are feeling more pressure to realize continued success, while streamlining processes and cutting costs. As these pressures build, traditional methods in clinical development are no longer providing desired results. To achieve more impact, the industry is being asked to take a fresh look at standard processes and the available data.


Collaboration Is Key at Partnerships in Clinical Trials 2013

Each year, IIR’s Partnerships in Clinical Trials is one of UBC’s favorite events.  It’s a great opportunity to catch up with our colleagues across the industry, share new ideas, meet new people, and develop a deeper understanding of the challenges our clients are facing.  We’re especially excited this year because UBC has evolved greatly as a result of our integration with Express Scripts, and we’re offering solutions i

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