Patient Access

REMS: Pathways to Drug Safety

The EXL Risk Evaluation & Mitigation Strategy Summit, held at the end of January, was an opportunity for colleagues across the industry to discuss many topics related to REMS, including benefit-risk counseling between patients and providers, integrating REMS with healthcare systems and pharmacies, and evaluating the impact of REMS programs on stakeholders.


Continuity of Care: Reducing Barriers to Access while Improving Adherence

In order to improve speed to therapy, we must never stop measuring it. In addition to devoting resources to decreasing time to first fill/dose, manufacturers and their vendor partners should recognize the critical role that each stakeholder plays in a patient’s entire therapy journey. By prioritizing education and communication strategies, manufacturers reduce barriers, increase access, and improve adherence. The result: continuity of care and faster access to therapy.


Commitment to Initiation and Continuity of Care

Specialty products need specialty expertise and solutions, and often that extends beyond product and patient care to focused financial assistance counseling and support.

The costs for specialty drugs can be thousands of dollars per month per patient. Even with health insurance, costs can put treatment out of reach — unless patients get help. That’s the job of the Patient Access team at Accredo, a team of 186 specialists located around the country.


Celebrating Our History with a Plan for the Future

When our Patient Assistance Programs (PAP) began 25 years ago, they were among the first in the market.  That’s 25 years of working with pharmaceutical manufacturers to make sure their products are available to eligible patients who need them the most.  That’s 25 years of staffing our centers with patient care advocates and pharmacists who treat each patient and each healthcare provider with singular attention.  That’s 25 years of monitoring the industry and tracking


Healthcare Reform Strategy: Are You Asking the Right Questions?

If changes to the healthcare landscape have you puzzled, you’re not alone.  In an environment where there seem to be more questions than answers, our Healthcare Reform experts analyzed new healthcare regulations from a manufacturer perspective and narrowed the plethora of information down to the basics.  As your organization plans for the future, our challenge to you is to answer three basic questions:

  • What is the potential impact to my market access programs (PAP, copay assistance, alternate funding)?
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