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Case Study: The Secret Ingredient for Improved Outcomes

Reimbursement challenges can cause lengthy delays in therapy initiation for patients with life-threating diseases. However, improving outcomes is more than just overcoming barriers to access. Many patients, already at an increased stress level because of the seriousness of their disease, may experience increased anxiety when beginning a new treatment regimen, leading to a decrease in adherence.


Continuity of Care: Reducing Barriers to Access while Improving Adherence

In order to improve speed to therapy, we must never stop measuring it. In addition to devoting resources to decreasing time to first fill/dose, manufacturers and their vendor partners should recognize the critical role that each stakeholder plays in a patient’s entire therapy journey. By prioritizing education and communication strategies, manufacturers reduce barriers, increase access, and improve adherence. The result: continuity of care and faster access to therapy.


Adherence or Compliance: What’s in a Word? According to Patients, Quite a Lot

The patient experience was front and center at a panel I moderated at the CBI 15th Annual Patient Adherence and Access Summit. The panel, titled, “Patient Initiated Campaigns – Strategies to Increase Support and Engagement,” included two patients who offered great insight into the challenges they face and their perceptions regarding industry attempts to aid their treatment regimen.


Free Webinar: Enhancing Patient Engagement – How to Maximize Nursing & Adherence Solutions

Patient-centric medicine is not a passing fad. New technology trends, healthcare laws, and diverse therapeutic options are converging to provide patients even more opportunities to be proactively engaged in their health journeys.

UBC’s patient engagement experts will share tools that allow for understanding and addressing patients’ needs and concerns in a free webinar on Thursday, November 20th at 3 p.m. EST.


Integrated Nursing Services Provide 360° Patient Support

From the moment a patient is prescribed a new therapy, a positive start and continuity of care are crucial. Providing patients with nursing support through their entire journey can ease the stress of beginning a life-changing therapy and offer educational opportunities that ultimately empower patients and increase adherence. One of our integrated nursing programs recently earned this comment from the client: "UBC has great staff, great leaders, and provides a model for other vendors. They demonstrated a level of reporting performance that is above and beyond the expectations and abilities of other vendors."


Novel Hemophilia B Educational Program Improves Patient Outcomes

Accredo Specialty Pharmacy recently collaborated with a pharmaceutical manufacturer to develop a program to support patients with Hemophilia B. The program utilizes the pharmacy's specialized clinicians to complement existing educational resources. A study, which was recently published in the Journal of Managed Care & Specialty Pharmacy, showed program participants had significantly fewer bleeds.


Changes - and Challenges - in the Oncology Therapy Market

An increasing number of cancer therapies are oral formulations, meaning many patients are picking up their prescription at a retail pharmacy or receiving them in the mail through home delivery.  Regardless of administration method, we’ve learned that cancer patients have a high rate of non-adherence.  In fact, the Express Scripts Drug Trend Report estimates that 40.9 percent of cancer patients are no


Together, We're Stronger!

HealthBridge Pharma & Biotech welcomes all clients and your patients and physicians.  With the merger of Medco and its subsidiaries, we are providing the most comprehensive foundation of clinical expertise and service offerings to help support your products.  Prior to the merger, both entities have been known for our capabilities to:

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