Patient Assistance Program

Insights for Supporting Unique Patient Populations

Members from both UBC and Accredo recently attended NORD’s Rare Diseases and Orphan Products Breakthrough Summit in Arlington, VA. This was a great opportunity for leaders from both organizations to collaborate with key industry stakeholders to discuss the progress as well as challenges in rare disease diagnosis, clinical trials, patient engagement and access to orphan products.


The Challenge of Providing Patient Assistance Under the ACA

There’s a lot of ambiguity around how the government is going to view the private and public exchanges. An OIG opinion providing guidance on whether these plans will be viewed as public versus private plans could have far-reaching implications for how manufacturers provide patient assistance. If we look at some of the OIG guidance offered around Medicare Part D plans and the potential for anti-kickback penalties when offering direct assistance to these beneficiaries, we can start to hypothesize about some of the challenges pharmaceutical manufacturers will face.


Six Questions to Ask When Considering a Reimbursement Hub

The drug pipeline is filled with specialty medications that offer new hope to patients facing complex, chronic conditions. Once these life-saving drugs are approved, a patient still faces many hurdles before beginning a new therapy. A well-designed reimbursement Hub should serve as the center of activity to help patients, caregivers and prescribers navigate administrative obstacles while offering a variety of support services to patients. Here are six questions to ask when considering a Hub:


Have You Hugged Your Pharmacist Today?

October is American Pharmacists Month, making it the perfect time for our industry to say “thank you” to pharmacists around the country who work every day to ensure safe, effective medication use.  Please join us in celebrating Tara Wesselmann, RPh, a Pharmacist Supervisor in our Patient Assistance Program pharmacy, and the 32 pharmacists on her team.  Together, they provide services for programs totaling 8,000 prescriptions each day. 

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