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Post Script: Commercialization Strategies for Tomorrow

Leaders in our industry understand that a good business model must constantly evolve to meet the changing needs of customers. At UBC, we are dedicated to identifying trends and aligning our service offerings in a way that gets ahead of what our customers will need, which is why I was excited to be one of the contributing thought leaders for PharmaVoice’s article Commercialization Strategies for Tomorrow.


Public Health Exchanges – What They Mean for Patient Assistance Programs

As a leading provider of Patient Assistance Programs (PAP), UBC is working closely with manufacturers and offering services to identify patients who may be eligible for coverage provided by the Affordable Care Act (ACA).  UBC services help patients who may qualify for expanded Medicaid, State Exchanges or who will need to remain on their current free drug program.


Adapting to a New Direction: When Healthcare Reform Meets Patient Assistance Programs

The unknown impact of Healthcare Reform is a hot topic for most manufacturers today.  As we all scramble to prepare for multiple scenarios in uncharted territory, expert guidance is no longer considered a luxury.  To flourish, much less survive, manufacturers need to dance on the balls of their feet and align with the most trusted advisors.


Celebrating Our History with a Plan for the Future

When our Patient Assistance Programs (PAP) began 25 years ago, they were among the first in the market.  That’s 25 years of working with pharmaceutical manufacturers to make sure their products are available to eligible patients who need them the most.  That’s 25 years of staffing our centers with patient care advocates and pharmacists who treat each patient and each healthcare provider with singular attention.  That’s 25 years of monitoring the industry and tracking


Healthcare Reform Strategy: Are You Asking the Right Questions?

If changes to the healthcare landscape have you puzzled, you’re not alone.  In an environment where there seem to be more questions than answers, our Healthcare Reform experts analyzed new healthcare regulations from a manufacturer perspective and narrowed the plethora of information down to the basics.  As your organization plans for the future, our challenge to you is to answer three basic questions:

  • What is the potential impact to my market access programs (PAP, copay assistance, alternate funding)?

Got Thanks?

We all know two words – thank you – can make a difference.  But, when those words come with a note like this one, they make a BIG difference:

I want to take this time to thank you for the opportunity to participate in your Patient Assistance Program.  Without it, I’m afraid I would still be suffering my terrible headaches.  This is a wonderful thing your company is doing for people like me who cannot afford their prescription.



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