patient care

Across the Miles...But Never Out of Reach

When a patient insists on speaking with a supervisor, our Specialty Pharmacy nurses are happy to oblige.  They feel strongly about helping patients feel comfortable with their therapies and providing them access to additional information and education.  These nurses spend each day on the phone, speaking to patients and healthcare providers, answering questions, and guiding patients through therapy.   


Commitment to Continuity

As Express Scripts and Medco move forward as one company, our commitment to continuity of care, services, and relationships is stronger than ever.  That is why during this time of transition, you and your products will continue to be supported by the same account managers and directors you have come to know and trust.  All contact information remains the same unless communicated otherwise.

Be assured that you and your patients will continue to receive the services and support of fully trained staff members who know your product and patients very well.

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