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Does Your Recruitment Strategy Need Re-Routing? 4 Questions to Ask

I moved to Boston recently, and I’m still figuring out the lay of the land. Even when I’m sure of my destination, my app usually re-routes me and I sometimes find a shorter way to get there.

The same can be said for clinical trial recruitment strategies.  In the summer months, we find that a lot of our clients are re-assessing. How is the study tracking to its milestones? What goals have been communicated to senior management?


Avoiding Summer Roadblocks to Recruitment

The summer season is fast approaching and that can only mean one thing – summer holidays. There is one sure thing to cause frustration and delays in reaching your vacation destination – roadblocks. Whilst on holiday, I tend to do all of the driving and I know that in order to reduce the chances of getting caught up in traffic jams, highway repairs, and other unexpected delays, I need to plan my route in advance. The same approach applies to patient recruitment in global clinical trials.


Free Webinar: Get Ready, Get Set – 10 Steps to Take During Study Start-Up

Nearly half of clinical trial study sites don’t meet enrollment requirements or fail to enroll a single patient.1 This contributes to extended study timelines and increased competition for high-performing study sites. Proactively preparing sites before the site activation visit positively impacts overall recruitment and avoids costly delays.

UBC’s patient recruitment experts will discuss specific strategies to optimize study start-up and help sites reach enrollment goals during a free webinar on Tuesday, January 20th at noon EST.


Hybrid Study Designs for Demonstrating Real-World Product Safety, Effectiveness and Value

Hybrid study designs which aim to result in high quality data, collected in a rapid and time-efficient manner may be an option when more traditional approaches are not suitable. We have developed a strategic and step-wise approach for the development of optimal study designs to address research questions which warrant multiple data sources including primary or secondary sources of real-world data.


Four Key Considerations for Long-Term Patient Registry Design

One of the biggest operational challenges with the design of registries, also called post-approval safety studies (PASS), is understanding the differences with clinical trials. Clinical trials involve subjects with very specific inclusion/exclusion criteria and protocol procedures, but registries take “all comers” with limited inclusion/exclusion criteria seen as part of routine care. Often sponsors design what they believe is a registry but is actually a post-approval study based upon clinical trial guidelines and SOPs.



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