Patrick Lindsay

Innovation in Clinical Services - UBC President Encourages 360º View

Sure, innovation is about products – where would we be without the wheel…or lightbulbs?  But innovation is also about changing the way we look at things, changing the way we do things to improve outcomes.  In the latest issue of PharmaVoice, UBC president, Patrick Lindsay, shares his insights on innovation that’s working…and innovation that’s needed… in the drug development process.  Read all about it here.


A Year in Review - 2013

The past twelve months have brought change, and with it, new opportunity. In our last blog post of 2013, we want to take a moment to reflect on our accomplishments and share with our readers some highlights from this past year:



Collaboration Is Key at Partnerships in Clinical Trials 2013

Each year, IIR’s Partnerships in Clinical Trials is one of UBC’s favorite events.  It’s a great opportunity to catch up with our colleagues across the industry, share new ideas, meet new people, and develop a deeper understanding of the challenges our clients are facing.  We’re especially excited this year because UBC has evolved greatly as a result of our integration with Express Scripts, and we’re offering solutions i

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