Pinsonault Managed Markets Summit

Fall 2014 - Conference Preview

Fall is a busy time. For some, it is the end of summer holiday, schools go back in session, and business ramps up to meet year-end objectives. True to style, UBC’s conference season ramps up as well. In the remainder of 2014 we will attend more than 20 industry event in 9 countries, with speakers discussing a number of topics that span the product lifecycle. We hope you have the time to join us! Our Conference & Webinars page lists all of our upcoming engagements. Here are a few highlights of our fall schedule: 


Ahead of the Curve

Next week’s Pinsonault Managed Markets Summit – Spring Meeting will host executives from leading healthcare organizations, including UBC, who’ll be sharing their knowledge and expertise.  Here’s a lineup of our staff and their presentations:

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