Revving Up For Fall

When the August heat has you running for the pool, and it seems like the whole world is on vacation, it can be hard to think ahead to fall. However, when it comes to patient recruitment for clinical research, this is a very important time.


Does Your Recruitment Strategy Need Re-Routing? 4 Questions to Ask

I moved to Boston recently, and I’m still figuring out the lay of the land. Even when I’m sure of my destination, my app usually re-routes me and I sometimes find a shorter way to get there.

The same can be said for clinical trial recruitment strategies.  In the summer months, we find that a lot of our clients are re-assessing. How is the study tracking to its milestones? What goals have been communicated to senior management?


Is Your Trial Social?

Even the most reluctant among us are coming around to social media, with 2.31 billion users now active on social media globally. Still pharmaceutical and biotech companies have been slow to embrace social media for clinical trials. Why?


Avoiding Summer Roadblocks to Recruitment

The summer season is fast approaching and that can only mean one thing – summer holidays. There is one sure thing to cause frustration and delays in reaching your vacation destination – roadblocks. Whilst on holiday, I tend to do all of the driving and I know that in order to reduce the chances of getting caught up in traffic jams, highway repairs, and other unexpected delays, I need to plan my route in advance. The same approach applies to patient recruitment in global clinical trials.



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