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Technology in Registries and Observational Studies - What You Should be Considering (Part I)

Many sponsors utilize registries and observational studies when gathering real-world evidence in the post-marketing environment. When designing and implementing these effectively, the technological platforms supporting should not go unnoticed. There are a number of considerations that can help ensure success with your implementation. To help you navigate, we put together a two-part blog detailing what sponsors should keep in mind when designing platforms for their registries and observational studies.


Top Study Designs for Late Phase Research

In a recent posting, we provided the Top 10 Reasons to Conduct Late Phase Research.  Focused and strategic peri and postapproval research, culminating in definitive evidence of product value, can make a significant impact on market access and product uptake. 

As the value demonstration evidence needs in support of a product take shape, important tactical questions begin to surface. 

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