Working Together on Behalf of Patients Builds Strong Business Model

Clients and service providers working together to deliver exceptional support to patients can lead to improved health outcomes as well as an improved bottom line.

Sound like a tall order? It’s really not when manufacturers and service providers align on goals and work together to put patients’ needs first. This business model helped a UBC client exceed its stretch sales target by $10 million last year.


Six Questions to Ask When Considering a Reimbursement Hub

The drug pipeline is filled with specialty medications that offer new hope to patients facing complex, chronic conditions. Once these life-saving drugs are approved, a patient still faces many hurdles before beginning a new therapy. A well-designed reimbursement Hub should serve as the center of activity to help patients, caregivers and prescribers navigate administrative obstacles while offering a variety of support services to patients. Here are six questions to ask when considering a Hub:


When Patients Need Your Product NOW

At the time of diagnosis, physicians are ready to prepare their patient’s treatment schedule.  And, patients are ready to start therapy – yesterday.  That’s when your product’s reimbursement services really matter.  That’s when you need an experienced service provider with top-notch expertise in:

  • benefits investigation
  • prior authorizations
  • appeal processes

And, more often than not, that’s when you need a leading service provider prepared to:

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