Technology in Registries and Observational Studies - What You Should be Considering (Part II)

The increased use and importance of observational studies necessitates sponsor evaluation of standard operating procedures for clinical trials. Often the focus of that evaluation is on methodology, structure, and resulting evidence, but it is just as critical that the technology details be evaluated as well. In the second part of our series, we examine additional facets that should be considered during development of platforms for registries and observational programs.


Technology in Registries and Observational Studies - What You Should be Considering (Part I)

Many sponsors utilize registries and observational studies when gathering real-world evidence in the post-marketing environment. When designing and implementing these effectively, the technological platforms supporting should not go unnoticed. There are a number of considerations that can help ensure success with your implementation. To help you navigate, we put together a two-part blog detailing what sponsors should keep in mind when designing platforms for their registries and observational studies.


4 Things to Consider When Evaluating the eEnablement Landscape

Last week, I attended CBI’s e-Rx and EHR conference in Philadelphia, where I moderated the panel discussion The Future of eEnablement: Where It’s Heading and How It Will Enhance Pharma Patient Support Programs. My panel answered many important questions surrounding the eEnablement landscape and how manufacturers can use existing strategies and technology to streamline their patient support programs:


Exploring eEnablement: A Panel Discussion at CBI’s eRx and EHR Conference

The secret’s out: eEnablement is officially a megatrend in the healthcare industry. From ePrescribing and EMR integration to electronic prior authorizations and online patient consent, every stakeholder in the healthcare ecosystem is looking for innovative ways to leverage technology to streamline their operations, lower costs and enhance the patient experience.

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