United BioSource

Express Scripts Integrates Pharma Services

Express Scripts has announced a plan to enhance and expand our pharmaceutical and biotechnology commercial platform offering by combining United BioSource Corporation (UBC) and HealthBridge Pharma & Biotech.

The April 2, 2012, announcement of Express Scripts’ merger with Medco marked an opportunity for the UBC and HealthBridge executive teams to define, reinvigorate, and enhance a robust pharma product and service mix.


Great Meeting of Great Minds

Since the founding of the International Society for Pharmacoeconomics and Outcomes Research (ISPOR) in 1995, United BioSource has been active in the ISPOR organization and continues to find its annual meeting vital for educational opportunities, sharing of expert knowledge, and interaction of clients and colleagues.


Talking to Prescribers About What's Happening Today

Throughout the country today, as more and more people learn of Express Scripts' merger with Medco, something important will happen.  Patients will visit their doctors and receive their prescriptions.  That's important because it happens every day!  Today, however, the doctors you work with may have questions about the merger and how it may affect their patients and their practice.

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