Free Webinar: Top 10 Clinical Cost-Cutting Innovations

Rising R&D costs and a shift toward patient empowerment are converging forces that are changing the face of clinical research. It is critical to design and implement clinical trials that minimize cost and leverage patient engagement.

Erem Latif, Trial Enhancement Services, will share top strategies that maximize the effectiveness and efficiency of clinical trials at a free webinar on Thursday, June 26th at 11 a.m. EDT.


Free Webinar: Realize Pharmacovigilance Excellence through Outsourcing

Every day, sponsors are challenged to ensure patient safety and meet complex regulatory requirements. Increasingly, sponsors of all sizes are collaborating with trusted outsourcing partners to assist with pharmacovigilance. Such partnerships have allowed sponsors to more easily identify and prepare for safety issues.

Veronique Basch, PharmD, Executive Director of Global Pharmacovigilance, will discuss how to leverage outsourcing to implement successful pharmacovigilance strategies at a free webinar on Wednesday, May 28th at 11 a.m. EDT.


Postapproval Safety – Not Just a Late Stage Consideration

In order for biopharmaceutical companies to gain product approval, regulatory agencies first require a series of risk evaluations. Clinical trials, for example, may be utilized in the early phases of development in order to prove a positive benefit-risk assessment. Once the product is approved, however, research is not complete. Products continue to be monitored throughout the lifecycle. In fact, a number of unanticipated/unknown safety issues may be uncovered in this stage. Although it may be impossible to anticipate the exact risks that may arise, companies can – and should – prepare.

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