“Disruptive” Data for Clinical Trial Patient Recruitment

“Disruptive” Data for Clinical Trial Patient Recruitment

Traditional means of recruiting patients for clinical trials have fallen short.  Study timelines are often extended, and challenges to patient recruitment account for up to 45% of study delays. [1]  To get things back on track, enter disruptive innovation.

Although being disruptive is often seen as negative, disruptive innovation is a good thing. It drives out old methods and ushers in the new. Sponsors and providers are keen to explore options to boost patient enrollment and retention using disruptive models – technology, in home or mobile patient monitoring, and online patient recruitment – to name a few. 

At UBC, traditional patient recruitment methods are being disrupted with patient data.  As part of Express Scripts, the nation’s largest pharmacy benefits manager, UBC uses an unparalleled access to data to deliver HIPAA-compliant solutions for patient recruitment and site selection. 

Using Data to “Disrupt” Your Next Clinical Research Program  

The use of big data shapes how drug discovery is planned and executed. As an Express Scripts company, UBC uses our unmatched data access for clinical research, drug safety, and adherence programs.  With payor permission and patient consent, UBC can utilize medical and demographic data in a targeted way – to find the right patient for your studies.  UBC disrupts the traditional approach to patient recruitment with: 

  • Clean and recent data gathered from nearly 90 million patient lives.  Managed by Express Scripts, medical and pharmacy claims data is a uniquely valuable asset to identify, inform, and direct the pre-qualified patient to the study. 
  • Data that reveals areas of concentration for patients and for potential study sites.  Critical to site recruitment and patient enrollment, UBC can hone in on the treatment practices and patient populations of physicians and then use geo-targeted outreach to refer patients to study sites.
  • Targeted outreach to patients who pre-qualify for a clinical study, based on primary protocol inclusion criteria.  This allows for efficient outreach, resulting in response rates as high as 40% depending on the patient population and study.

Access to this data gives our clients a distinct advantage for site recruitment, HCP referral programs, and patient-directed recruitment campaigns, like advertising, direct mail, and geo-targeted outreach.  By disrupting the status quo of clinical trial recruitment, UBC is helping to get innovative drugs to market faster than ever.

Contact us to learn more about how we can put our data to use for your next clinical or adherence program.

[1] D.L. Anderson, A Guide To Patient Recruitment (CenterWatch, Boston, MA, 2001)