Going the Extra Mile for Rare Diseases

Clinical Trial Travel Concierge Services

Going the Extra Mile for Rare Diseases

From long-distance travel to busy schedules, participating in a clinical trial can be very difficult for patients, especially those living with a rare disease. Because of the complexity of rare diseases, patients and their caregivers must often travel long distances to see investigators who treat their unique disorder. Travel becomes just another burden on top of the many challenges these patients and their caregivers face on a daily basis. For sponsors, travel to study sites may even deter patient enrollment and threaten study compliance.

As part of a full-service recruitment and retention program, UBC’s Patient and Physician Services (PPS) team managed travel services for patients and caregivers enrolled in a global pediatric rare-disease phase III study. This study posed many challenges and the assessment schedule required frequent travel to study sites.  Some patients and their caregivers had to travel up to 12 hours one-way to attend their study visit. To overcome these travel burdens and mitigate any barriers to study compliance, UBC’s PPS team implemented our concierge travel service.

To utilize this service, caregivers or study sites contact our concierge team and request travel accommodations. UBC works with our travel vendors to coordinate the travel arrangements and logistics around the patient and their caregiver’s schedule, often with just a few days’ notice. From trains, planes, and automobiles, this service is designed to accommodate the travel needs for even the most unique patient populations and their busy lives; all at no cost to the study participant.  We make it easy for the patient and for the site.

As one study investigator put it, “Everything went very well with the concierge travel service. The patient and family are very happy about the service - good tidy car, reliable driver, and timing was perfect. Thank you! I would like once more to emphasize that this service is a major help in recruiting and keeping patients in this study.

UBC has extensive experience with rare diseases and we understand the critical requirements for a high-touch, multi-faceted study for small patient populations. Our concierge travel team provides a personalized approach when coordinating travel arrangements for these patients and their caregivers. For this study, our team has coordinated more than 190 visits for patients and their caregivers in seven countries to date. From understanding their unique disabilities to accommodating their busy schedules, we put the patient and their family first every time.

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