Harness Real-Time Data to Optimize Clinical Trial Investigator and Site Recruitment

Harness Real-Time Data to Optimize Clinical Trial Investigator and Site Recruitment

THE LAB unites innovative talent, tools, and technology from across the Express Scripts family of companies — UBC, the PBM, and Accredo Specialty Pharmacy — in service of a single goal: To drive next-generation solutions that solve the most pressing problems in healthcare and pharmacy. I have the privilege of hosting LAB visits and working sessions with our pharma clients, PBM plan sponsors, and even government officials to showcase our rapid test-and-learn working environment and hear what is on these stakeholders’ minds. What solutions do these key influencers need to lead and navigate our ever-changing healthcare system?

Time and again, when we ask our partners in clinical development roles what their number one concern is, they respond that recruiting clinical trial patients and sites on-time and on-budget is an enormous and expensive challenge. Furthermore, the fallout from delayed clinical trials extends well beyond dollars and cents — patient outcomes are on the line.

To help solve for this, we combined all of the data within the Express Scripts family — more than 130 million patient lives — into a single, de-identified, HIPAA- and Safe-Harbor-compliant platform called MediCUBE®. Our scientists in THE LAB are just beginning to harness the power and explore the many potential applications of our real-time, real-world data. One of our first missions is to transform clinical trial recruitment.

Using a unique four-step process, we can leverage data insights to ensure that our clients select optimal research sites that have a qualified and accessible patient base. Here’s how it works:



We are excited about MediCUBE’s potential to provide unique, timely, and accessible information for our pharma partners to drive better financial and health outcomes. Contact us to discuss how to put this real-time data resource to use for your next clinical trial.