UBC and Pfizer Offer First-to-Market Community for Study Participants

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UBC and Pfizer Offer First-to-Market Community for Study Participants

On June 16th at the DIA Annual Meeting in Washington, D.C., Nancy Mulligan, Patient and Physician Services, will speak at the symposium, "Developing Online Communities: Perspectives for Site and Patient Engagement." With a special guest appearance by Pfizer’s Director of Clinical Innovation, David P. Leventhal, Nancy will present the key success factors and experience from a UBC-designed, web-based community for clinical trial alumni.

Nancy’s presentation, "Building Blocks of a Clinical Trial Community: A First to Market Perspective," will provide an overview of Pfizer Link, an online community that is at the forefront of the industry movement to increase engagement with clinical trial participants.

Pfizer Link: The Origin

Working with study investigators, Pfizer Link invites clinical trial participants to join the online community after the close of a Pfizer-sponsored study.  Since its launch, nearly 400 clinical trial graduates have registered for Pfizer Link. Community members can access the latest information on various diseases, hear from others in the community, and learn about study results.

Recognizing that access to trial data is a top motivator for volunteers to join a research study, Pfizer Link began working with Blue Button in 2013. Blue Button, an initiative of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, enables patients to access their own health data through technology.

Pfizer Link: A Framework for Online Patient Communities

Engaging study sites has been key to the success of Pfizer Link. At the DIA Annual Meeting, Nancy and David will share the model for the Pfizer Link approach, including outreach strategies, online functionality, and the evolution of the online portal to form a dynamic patient community.

While the response to Pfizer Link has been overwhelmingly positive, there have also been lessons learned as UBC and Pfizer navigated this new territory together. Those lessons will be shared with attendees at this DIA symposium, as well as the steps taken to ensure patient privacy and data protection for its online community members.

Will Pfizer Link serve as a framework for other online clinical trial communities? To learn more, attend the DIA symposium, "Developing Online Communities: Perspectives for Site and Patient Engagement," Tuesday, June 16 at 1:30pm, or stop by booth #2401.



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