Data Solution for the Entire Product Lifecycle

Data Solution for the Entire Product Lifecycle

As an Express Scripts company, UBC has unmatched access to real-world data that can be leveraged to develop smarter, more efficient solutions across the product lifecycle.


ExpressConnect utilizes medical and demographic data in a highly intelligent, targeted way—to find the right sites and patients for your clinical studies. ExpressConnect enhances traditional approaches to site and patient recruitment. This gives our clients a distinct advantage for site recruitment, HCP referral programs, and patient-directed recruitment campaigns. By taking a data-driven approach to clinical trial site and patient recruitment, UBC is helping to get innovative drugs to market faster than ever.

  • Geo-mapping: Patients of interest are matched to the specific physicians who treat them, quickly pinpointing optimal investigative sites and areas to conduct direct-to-patient outreach.
  • Clinician Targeting: Clinicians with high concentrations of relevant patients are vetted against UBC’s proprietary database of more than 2 million experienced clinical investigators, and directly invited to participate in the trial. Research-naive clinicians with large databases of potential patients are then invited to refer their patients to investigative sites nearby, maximizing the impact of the data.
  • Accelerated Patient Enrollment: Targeted patient outreach within a cohort of approximately 50 million Express Scripts PBM members who have opted in to receive invitations for relevant clinical research studies. Pre-qualifying patients based upon medical and prescription claims data results in response rates as high as 20%, depending on the patient population and study. Additionally, this method enhances ROI by reducing time for patient qualification, enhancing patient screening accuracy, and driving call center volume down.


MediCUBE enables HIPAA- and Safe-Harbor-compliant access to de-identified prescription and medical claims information for more than 130 million unique patients. This platform blends data assets from the Express Scripts PBM, the Express Scripts Home Delivery Pharmacy, and the Accredo® Specialty Pharmacy. Within MediCUBE, prescription claims become available for analysis within days of processing, enabling real-time insights into provider, patient, and pharmacy behavior.

Access to this data drives smarter, more efficient solutions:

  • Clinical Trial Criteria Optimization: Ensuring a thoughtful, maximally inclusive protocol
  • Investigator and Site Recruitment: Identifying experienced sites where the greatest concentration of eligible patients are served
  • Prescriber Communications: Creating referral opportunities for those treating patients who fit clinical trial and KAB criteria
  • Patient Insights: Understanding co-morbidities, adherence trends, pharmacy preferences, and provider preferences to optimize patient care during clinical development, drug launch, and beyond
  • Drug Launch Strategy: Uncovering insights to fuel market positioning, patient support programs, and physician education platforms
  • Forecasting and Performance Tracking: Creating a sound platform to guide financial forecasting and track progress in real time

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