Clinical Research Services


UBC's Late Stage Development services help pharmaceutical and biotech clients prove efficacy, safety, and value

Clinical Development and Late Stage Research

As a global clinical research organization (CRO), UBC offers a range of clinical development and late stage clinical research services, including clinical trial implementation and management, patient recruitment, peri and postapproval studies, registries, and value demonstration studies. We are focused on helping pharmaceutical and biotech sponsors generate real-world evidence to obtain regulatory approval.

Risk Management & Pharmacovigilance

UBC is a leader in safety data collection and reporting for both clinical trial and post-marketing studies. We also offer risk based monitoring, clinical risk management, Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategies (REMS) and Risk Management Plans (RMPs). Our global pharmacovigilance team provides comprehensive global safety and medical services, including safety case management, medical safety and writing, signal detection and surveillance. We help pharmaceutical and biotech manufacturers maximize product performance by managing risk before, during, and after launch.


Patient Access & Engagement Services

UBC helps pharmaceutical and biotech manufactures overcome access and adherence challenges by using the right combination of our high-touch services and high-tech solutions. Our patient support programs are powered by UBC Pathways™, our proprietary suite of healthcare analytics and technology solutions.

Nursing & Adherence

Building relationships with trusted healthcare professionals helps patients fully engage in their treatment. UBC offers robust Adherence Services designed to enhance patients’ therapeutic journeys. Pharmaceutical manufacturers can tap into our nursing network, which provides clinical support to patients throughout the United States and Europe or leverage our Field Clinical Nurse Educators to help engage and educate prescribers and their staff. Our nurses are experts in the therapeutic area they support and perform a variety of functions, including telephonic support and patient education through our Clinical Care Centers, in-home nursing support, injection training and administration of complex specialty products. They play a key role in our custom medication adherence programs, which lead to better adherence, increased utilization, and improved patient outcomes.