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Quickly launch clinical trials that comply with diverse regulatory requirements

Varied and ever-changing regulatory requirements can cause significant roadblocks. UBC’s advanced technology and extensive experience navigating complex regulatory requirements at the country and national level lead to efficiently executed registration programs and reliable study results.

UBC Knows

UBC knows that to compete successfully during this era of accelerated, data-driven innovation, a life science company requires an expert resource to satisfy the information demands of its organization and its affiliated healthcare stakeholders. UBC provides the global, evidence-based solutions needed to sustain efficient and successful health information, drug development, and drug commercialization programs.

UBC’s strong world-wide presence is vital when conducting global studies. Knowledge of the local regulations, experience with local physicians, and tenured staff are all part of the expertise that UBC brings to clients.

The ability to identify Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) and program champions across countries as well as maintain an extensive investigator database can mean the difference between meeting a study’s timelines and ultimately having a competitor beat you to market.

UBC Understands

UBC understands that clinical trial delays are costly. We can help transition your compound from clinical development to commercialization by designing and conducting studies that can validate and, in some cases, develop additional product claims. Our reach into areas such as Europe, North America, Australia and Japan allows us to offer unique sites to a client. Our processes for managing studies provide high quality data to support your submission requirements.

Commitment to Success

  • In 2013, we managed more than 32 global studies, which included more than 4,600 central and onsite monitoring visits.
  • Our late stage development experience encompasses 1,200,000 patients in more than 100,000 sites.
  • UBC maintains 16 global offices and has experts on the ground in more than 20 countries.

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