Fostering Loyalty Through Prescription Assistance Programs


Reimbursement Services

UBC helps patients and prescribers maneuver the ever changing reimbursement obstacles to product access while improving speed to therapy.

Patient Assistance Programs

We develop and administer manufacturer-sponsored Patient Assistance Programs for uninsured and underinsured patients.

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UBC nurses are committed to providing personal, patient-centric care. Year after year, nurses rank as the most trusted professionals in the country. Our teams, of highly experienced nurses, take that ranking to heart, empowering and supporting patients during their time of need.  By building ongoing relationships with patients and providing the right level of customized patient-centric support, UBC Nursing Support services help you create a personalized approach to patient care.


We know that each manufacturer’s biopharmaceutical product and medical device is unique.  And, so is each patient.  UBC designs personalized, patient-centric adherence programs by utilizing the right combination of our high-tech UBC Pathways™ solutions and our high-touch Nursing Support Services.

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