Nursing Support Services

Nursing Support Services

Optimizing the therapeutic experience and patient outcomes

UBC nurses are committed to providing personal, patient-centric care. Year after year, nurses rank as the most trusted professionals in the country. Our teams, of highly experienced nurses, take that ranking to heart, empowering and supporting patients during their time of need.  By building ongoing relationships with patients and providing the right level of customized patient-centric support, UBC Nursing Support services help you create a personalized approach to patient care.    

Whether our patient interactions are in-person, telephonically, virtually, or electronically through UBC Pathways™, our nurses are always available to provide high-touch support for your complex, specialty products.

Nursing Capabilities:

  • Clinical Coordination:  Through UBC’s Clinical Coordination Services, experienced clinicians provide administration training, and product and disease education for complex, specialty products to patients in homes, medical offices, and clinics across the United States.
  • Field Clinical Nurse Educators: Pharmaceutical and biotech manufacturers leverage our Field Clinical Nurse Educators to generate product adoption through patient and prescriber engagement.
  • Clinical Care Centers: Manufacturers rely on UBC’s trusted Clinical Care Center nurses to provide assistance to patients, caregivers, and healthcare providers at their convenience.
  • Clinical Trial Nursing Services: Clinical Trial Nursing Services drive study participation and reduce the risk of patients dropping out of a clinical trial by bringing the study to the patient’s home in the U.S., Canada, Puerto Rico, and throughout Europe.

Adherence Services: