Field Clinical Nurse Educators

Field Clinical Nurse Educators

Generating product adoption through patient and physician engagement

UBC’s Field Clinical Nurse Educators focus on creating a positive impact on the patient journey and brand experience for both patients and prescribers. Our field nursing teams enhance provider knowledge and build brand loyalty through clinician-to-clinician education and training. Our Nurse Educators not only engage with prescribers, but they also empower patients. UBC’s Nurse Educators put patients on the road to success by ensuring they are well-trained on their product, educated on their disease state, and aware of the resources and support services available to them and their families.

Our Clinical Nurse Educators collaborate and partner with pharmaceutical and biotech sales teams to engage and educate prescribers and their staff about the clinical benefits of the manufacturer’s product as well as the services available to support their patients.

Our Nurse Educators provide:

  • Product and disease education
  • Administration training
  • Healthcare provider support & education
  • Adherence outreach and support programs
  • Participation in national and community level events
  • Peer-to-peer trainings
  • AE/PC reporting

Contact us to discuss how our skilled nurse educators can support your patients and prescribers.