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Clinical Trial Nursing Services

Bringing the clinical trials to the patients

The average drop-out rate for a clinical trial is 20-30%. UBC’s Clinical Trial Nursing Services reduce this risk by bringing the study to the patient’s home. With a clinician within reach of 90% of the U.S. population, UBC’s network of Registered Nurses can perform study procedures that remove the burden of a site visit. UBC’s nursing network supports clinical studies in the U.S., Canada, Puerto Rico and throughout Europe.

UBC Knows

In the typical clinical trial model, patients must travel to investigator sites for study visits and administration of the trial drug. UBC offers a patient-centric model that uses registered nurses and technology to provide clinical trial support services:

  • Study-drug  transportation, preparation and administration
  • Injection training
  • Post study drug observation
  • Study-drug accountability
  • Patient education, by phone and in-person
  • Patient consent
  • Data and complex laboratory specimen collection and processing
  • Coordination of specialty courier shipments
  • Assessment and adverse event collection and reporting

As part of the study visit in the patient’s home, UBC’s clinical trial nurses obtain vital signs such as temperature, pulse, and blood pressure. They can also collect specimens or perform assessments, like electrocardiogram (EKG) readings. 

Our after-hours, on-call nursing support provides 24/7 access to Registered Nurses. These protocol-trained nurses  assist site personnel and support the RNs in the home.  The nursing call center can document patient consent and also place outbound calls to enrolled patients to encourage compliance with study follow-up.

UBC’s clinical trial nurses are experts in complex drug administration. They can act as a courier for the sponsor, collecting medication from a study site and transporting that product with proper coolant to ensure the patient receives the therapy. These clinicians can also train site staff on study procedures, like subcutaneous injections.

UBC Understands

Protocols are increasingly complex, with 46% of all amendments occurring before first patient, first dose. UBC’s Clinical Trial Nursing Services can help to alleviate the burden on both study sites and patients, delivering true patient centricity in research.

The convenience and care provided by registered nurses can help compliance among study participants with special needs, like pediatric patients, those who are too sick to travel, patients with mobility challenges, and those who live far from the research site. Studies show that individuals in their home or similar familiar environments provide more consistent baseline data. Eliminating transportation issues can also increase study participation to greater than 80%.

Commitment to Success

Conducting successful in-home visits requires protocol-specific training, customized visit materials, and a rigorous quality control process that meets all study requirements.

Through our network and state-of-the-art mapping technology, we are able to quickly identify and match trained Registered Nurses to each patient's geographic location and clinical need. UBC conducts all clinical trial services in compliance with the FDA, strict adherence to the study protocol, Good Clinical Practice (GCP), and all other regulatory bodies.

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