Patient & Physician Recruitment & Retention Services

Patient & Physician Recruitment & Retention

Proven recruitment and retention solutions for clinical trials and commercial programs

UBC’s Patient & Physician Services (PPS) team delivers global solutions that meet the needs of pharmaceutical, government, and biotech sponsors. But PPS does not just provide patient recruitment for clinical trials. We proudly offer HIPAA-compliant solutions for patient recruitment, patient retention and site selection for clinical research. PPS can identify the patients and the healthcare providers (HCP) who treat them, giving our clients a distinct advantage as we implement clinical studies.

UBC Knows

The PPS team has designed and implemented more than 300 patient recruitment and retention programs, call center initiatives, and digital strategies in support of clinical trials. PPS offers our clients the convenience and expertise of a one-stop shop for clinical trials, with our in-house patient recruitment and retention team and creative services. This seasoned team is integrated with UBC’s clinical operations, allowing access to UBC’s scientists, and project management staff.

PPS provides:

  • Patient and site clinical trial recruitment programs
  • Patient retention and compliance
  • Feasibility and market research
  • Training and education for sites and patients
  • Social media and digital outreach
  • Media and advertising services
  • 24/7 clinical call center
  • Onsite support programs
  • Recruitment 

PPS Services from UBC on Vimeo.

The PPS team has worked with more than 50,000 study sites. As part of that support, PPS offers clinical trial nursing services. Our team of registered nurses conducts home trial support services – such as infusions, lab specimen collection, and monitoring vital signs – to improve patient compliance and data collection throughout the study follow-up period. Our clinical trial nurses provide coverage for global studies across 19 countries.

UBC Understands

Patient recruitment difficulties account for up to 45% of study delays.1  PPS works closely with the sponsor and the study site to understand the obstacles to patient recruitment and retention and how to overcome them. Our team includes former study coordinators, who understand site operations and can speak the same language as site coordinators. PPS  provides patient recruitment strategies that are customized to the site’s patient population, resources, and unique challenges. From patient recruitment materials to community outreach and clinical travel services for patients, UBC can customize support to fit the site needs.

1Stephenson, H., & Bharmal, M. (2010, September 1). Direct-to-Patient Enrollment Strategies: A comparison of the yields and costs of online outreach methods to other recruitment techniques. Retrieved September 30, 2014, from Applied Clinical Trials Online

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