Value Demonstration

Value Demonstration

Tailoring evidence-gathering solutions to collect data in support of health economics, burden of illness, and healthcare delivery process evaluations

UBC’s Value Demonstration team helps pharmaceutical and biotech clients build economic evidence to demonstrate and support the value of products.  

Our global evidence-gathering solutions strengthen your product’s value story and benefit-risk profile through data that characterize:

  • Natural history of disease
  • Patterns of care
  • Burden of illness
  • Unmet or under-addressed medical need
  • Practice flow and healthcare delivery efficiency

UBC Knows

Compelling value messages are based on the right evidence resulting from the right design.  Our multidisciplinary team of expert researchers is skilled in the design and implementation of evidence-based approaches to real-world data collection.  We can design studies to:

  • Stand alone
  • Populate economic models
  • Quantify and compare real-world patterns of care, resource utilization, and clinical outcomes

UBC’s innovative study designs and efficient data capture technologies enable you to:

  • Tailor your patient- or physician-level data collection from the usual care environment
  • Remotely monitor study sites and data to permit real-time viewing and data analyses, while saving time, cost, and limiting burden to busy practices
  • Align real-world study designs with health economic models and data needed to further substantiate your clinical and commercial value story

UBC Understands

Confident decisions require strong evidence. UBC’s strategic and scientific consulting solutions result in efficient, cost effective, customized study designs which will serve to optimize the evidence base you need to support market access and demonstrate value before and after product launch.

Peri and Postapproval Value Demonstration services include:

  • Chart reviews
  • Observational prospective, cross-sectional and case-control studies
  • Time and motion studies
  • Patient and physician surveys
  • Disease-specific resource utilization questionnaires designed for multinational use
  • Scientific consulting and study design conceptualization

Whether data are collected to populate economic models or to serve as stand-alone burden of illness or healthcare efficiency studies, all research is designed to withstand the rigor of peer review in top-tier medical journals.  Our multidisciplinary team approach combines significant scientific expertise in areas such as health economics, outcomes research, epidemiology and registries, along with advanced technical and operational support, to provide full service, high quality evidence-gathering services.

Commitment to Success

  • UBC has designed and executed Time & Motion studies in more than 20 countries across North America, Europe, and South America.
  • UBC has conducted retrospective chart review studies in more than 15 countries around the world. The studies have varied in scale from fewer than 10 sites to more than 300, with patient cohorts ranging from a few hundred to thousands. UBC experience across therapeutic areas includes oncology, cardiovascular disease, renal and infectious diseases/disorders, intensive care populations and orphan diseases.
  • Since our Value Demonstration team was established 10 years ago, our staff has co-authored more than 45 peer-reviewed manuscripts on study methodology and results and more than 130 scientific conference presentations.

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