Field Reimbursement Specialists

Field Reimbursement Specialists

Overcoming barriers to patient access

Increased complexity within the reimbursement landscape has led to an increased need for field-based reimbursement services.  Reimbursement and prior authorization challenges can cause frustration within a physician’s office which can curtail prescriptions of products with complex administrative requirements – impacting your brand’s performance, sales and market share.  UBC’s Field Reimbursement Specialists work directly with physicians and their office staff to alleviate these administrative burdens and reimbursement frustrations.

UBC’s Field Reimbursement Specialists have extensive experience working with payers, payer agencies, healthcare providers and alternate funding organizations. Our field teams work closely with the Patient Access Center,  or the “hub”, to streamline issue resolutions, such as prior authorization and specialty pharmacy delays.  

Our Field Reimbursement Specialists support physicians and their office staff in their understanding of:

  • Payer policies and requirements
  • Billing and coding procedures
  • Formulary changes
  • Financial and patient support services

Contact us to discuss how our field reimbursement specialists can help your prescribers overcome barriers to patient access.