Field Services

Field Services

Expanding the reach of patient support programs

UBC’s field teams are designed to bring reimbursement and clinical services directly to prescribers and patients. Our field programs are fully customizable to uniquely support patients, prescribers and products with clinical and reimbursement support. 

UBC knows that two-way communication between the field staff and the Patient Access Center, or “Hub”, is essential to developing efficient and effective protocols for field-based operations. UBC’s field teams communicate their activities while in the field through our UBC Pathways™ customizable mobile field application. This application allows for more streamlined communications and scheduling while providing managerial visibility into the field teams’ activities.

UBC’s Field Teams:

  • Can be  regionally aligned for optimal geographical coverage
  • Are highly experienced across a variety of disease states and/or payer policies
  • Are skilled in providing patient and prescriber education and training
  • Have many years of experience in collaborating alongside pharma sales and brand teams

Field Services Capabilities:

Contact us to discuss how our field-based services can help expand the reach of your patient and prescriber support services and solutions.