Patient Assistance Programs (PAP)

Patient Assistance Programs

Developing & managing prescription access for uninsured & underinsured patients

Patients who cannot afford therapy need well-organized Patient Assistance Programs (PAPs) to help them access life-saving medications. Manufacturers need well-organized Patient Assistance Programs to ensure their products are available for eligible patients.

UBC’s culture of patient and product advocacy is a legacy that is unsurpassed in the industry. We focus on providing quality care for patients throughout the process. As part of that commitment, we require all frontline staff to be licensed pharmacy technicians.

Our PAP programs can incorporate:

  • Full-service intake and fulfillment that is customized to serve your unique patient population
  • Soft credit checks through our UBC Pathways™ electronic income verification (eIV) tool
  • Coordinated Reimbursement and PAP services to potentially identify alternate financial assistance and ensure PAP funds are allocated to patients with the greatest need
  • REMS components in both front-end and back-end PAP services
  • Customized online portals to facilitate  enrollment, request medication refills, and review patient status
  • Adverse Event Management and Reporting, including:

    • Patient Service Coordinators trained and skilled at identifying adverse events
    • Pharmacists available 24/7 for prescription consultation
    • Reporting structured to meet program requirements
  • National Prescription Monitoring to identify potential patient and physician fraud and abuse

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