Reimbursement Services

Reimbursement Services

Making access to therapy faster and easier

When it comes to your product’s reimbursement, the tiniest details can mean the difference between speedy payment or significant delays. Our experienced team of reimbursement specialists and patient care coordinators help guide patients through the complexities of the reimbursement landscape.

UBC’s Reimbursement Services overcome barriers that impede timely access to medications, especially when our pharma partners leverage UBC Pathways™ connected health and electronic patient access solutions.

UBC offers a wide range of reimbursement support services, including:

  • Single point of contact and data management for all product enrollments through a Patient Access Center or “ Reimbursement Hub”
  • Benefits investigation, verification and optimization 
  • Prior authorization and appeals process management
  • Coding, billing, and claims support
  • Insights on payer policies and coverage information
  • Assistance to patients, caregivers, and healthcare professionals in identifying coverage and alternate funding options, including co-pay assistance, charitable foundations, and state and federal programs
  • Quick start programs to enable immediate initiation of therapy while reimbursement challenges are being addressed 
  • Bridge programs that provide temporary free product to patients if they experience a delay or lapse of insurance coverage
  • Triage of referrals to the appropriate  pharmacy providers to support timely access to your product and monitoring of dispensing
  • Comprehensive data collection and reporting that provides a frontline view of your patient support program’s performance

Contact us to discuss how our reimbursement support solutions can help your patients start therapy faster.