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In recent years, our industry has focused on the critical need to improve the patient journey and therapeutic outcomes for patients taking complex specialty medications. Too often, however, delays in therapy initiation can extend days, weeks, or longer, depending on the level of administrative and financial hurdles. To help patients access their medications as quickly as possible and stay adherent to their therapy, UBC’s industry-leading Patient Access & Engagement Services are supported by UBC Pathways™, our proprietary suite of healthcare analytics and technology solutions.

UBC Pathways:

  • Accelerates access to therapy
  • Personalizes the therapeutic experience
  • Connects the patient journey
  • Optimizes product performance
  • Delivers more actionable insights
  • Improves patient adherence


  • Access: UBC utilizes our connected health and electronic patient access solutions to improve efficiencies and speed to therapy by overcoming financial and administration obstacles. Our suite of services, for both the pharmacy and medical benefit, includes:

    • Electronic Enrollment (eEnroll): Helps prescribers enroll in patient support programs through an electronic web form.
    • Electronic Consent (eConsent): Captures critical signatures during and after enrollment into the patient support program.
    • Electronic Benefit Verification (eBV): Provides comprehensive medical and pharmacy eligibility as well as real-time coverage determination.
    • Electronic Prior Authorization (ePA): Supports comprehensive ePA functionality, where physicians see the correct criteria, submit answers via web forms and can obtain plan responses within seconds of submitting their form. 
    • Electronic Income Verification (eIV): Helps qualify patients for Patient Assistance Programs or alternate funding sources by obtaining their estimated household size, income, and percent of the Federal Poverty Level (FPL) in seconds. This solution eliminates the need to manually collect and store patients’ proof of income level.
    • Customizable CRM Platform: Ensures every patient interaction is tailored across all journey touchpoints, allowing UBC to deliver an exceptional journey experience.
    • Mobile Field Applications: Empowers Nurse Educators and Reimbursement Specialists to carry out their field work by enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of their day-to-day activity.
  • Engagement: UBC helps keep patients adherent by bringing high-touch care and support directly to patients through multiple communication channels.

    • Mobile Messaging: Notifies patients of missing information, refill reminders or nurse education calls.
    • Mobile Applications: Allows patients to manage their care plan and prescriptions, request clinical support, track their adherence as well as integrate into other 3rd party applications, such as wearables through Android and/or Apple interfaces.
    • Web & Video Chat: Connects patients to nurses and/or pharmacists for clinical support online or virtually.
    • Email & Telephonic Support: Facilitates personalized inbound and outbound outreach to patients.
  • Analytics: UBC’s data analytics services optimize product and patient support program performance through best-in-class analytical solutions.

    • Visual Dashboards: Gives manufacturers access to actionable information through robust, customizable dashboards on-demand. From interactive, drilldown visualizations to what-if forecasting, these dashboards help our pharma partners make informed decisions about their support programs, patients, and products.
    • Custom Reporting: Provides custom, flexible and targeted reports and alerts. These reports will help you stay up-to-date on key program milestones, conveniently exchange stakeholder insights, and monitor program performance.
    • Data Feeds: Exchanges data with internal or 3rd party data aggregators. UBC works with all major data aggregators and we customize our feeds to meet our pharma partner’s unique needs or specifications.
    • Data Analysis: Our seasoned analysts help improve the performance of your patient support programs by working intimately with operations. They provide in-depth data analysis and offer operational action recommendations.
    • Marketplace Analytics: UBC leverages pharmacy and medical claims, lab, EMR, and a wide array of other external sources to inform our pharma partners of:

      • Drug launch & field placement strategy
      • Brand management & competitive intelligence
      • Real-world evidence & patient outcomes
      • Population health & disease management

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