Real-World Evidence

Real-world evidence for every stage of product development and commercialization

Real-world evidence is increasingly important for long term product success. This begins with clinical studies that prove safety, efficacy and value. Post-approval research can be leveraged to craft a product’s unique value proposition, paving the way for increased market access. UBC offers a variety of new and traditional research services and unique software to capture the right real-world evidence for your unique product.

Clinical Development

Late Stage Research

  • Peri & Postapproval

    • Phase IIIb – IVStudies
    • Postmarketing Requirements Studies (PMR)
    • Post Approval Safety Studies (PASS)
    • Registries and Observational Cohort Studies
  • Value Demonstration Programs

    • Burden of Disease Studies
    • Cost-of-Illness Studies
    • Retrospective Chart Reviews
    • Prospective Evaluation of Patient Reported Outcomes
    • Time & Motion Studies
    • Cross-sectional Surveys

Risk Management


Database Analytics Automation